With 106 municipalities, countless cenotes, beaches, archaeological sites, and haciendas, Yucatán boasts one of the world’s densest cultural landscapes thanks to its ancient and contemporary Maya population. Accept that you’ll never be able to explore it all, but pack in as much as possible with our monthly recommendations for a week-long adventure. Sift through the archives on our website to mix and match your perfect trip!


Upon your arrival to Mérida, be sure to explore the Plaza Grande and its surroundings. Stop by the Centro Cultural Olimpo, and go to one (or more) of its events. Then head over to Catrín restaurant, and enjoy its unique take on Mexican flavors.


Walk along Paseo de Montejo, look at the mansions, and drop in to Casa Tōh to buy a unique memory of your visit. Freshen up after the walk with a visit to El Cardenal Cantina. Enjoy a night with “danzón” music at Remembranzas Musicales in Parque Santiago at 8:30 pm.


Head to Tixkokob, 30 minutes from Mérida, and visit the archaeological site of Aké, that combines the remnants of a Maya site and a henequén hacienda. On your way back to Tixkokob, enjoy a delicious lunch at Pueblo Pibil.


Make your way to the Telchac Puerto beaches. On your way visit X’Cambó and the Salineras Mayas (salt deposits). In Telchac you will taste the freshest bounty of the sea at any of the restaurants close to the pier like La Picuda. Don’t forget to try the merengues!


Relive the henequén era with a tour to Hacienda Sotuta de Peón. Back in Mérida don’t miss the beautiful and impressive video-mapping “Piedras Sagradas” at 8:30 pm at the Cathedral. Get there early to secure your place!


Breakfast like a local at Santiago market. Visit the Parque Zoológico Centenario, the entrance is free. Don’t forget to hop on the little train! At night, enjoy a cold German beer and live music at La Bierhaus Centro.


Enjoy the Progreso beaches. Don’t forget to try the “pulpo al ajillo” (octopus with garlic) at Shark restaurant, while you enjoy the view and the sea breeze as you watch the sun disappear on the horizon.




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