With 106 municipalities, countless cenotes, beaches, archaeological sites, and haciendas, Yucatán boasts one of the world’s densest cultural landscapes thanks to its ancient and contemporary Maya population. Accept that you’ll never be able to explore it all, but pack in as much as possible with our monthly recommendations for a week-long adventure. Sift through the archives on our website to mix and match your perfect trip!


Set the groundwork for your trip by museum-hopping in Mérida’s tranquil “Zócalo.” Peruse the galleries of the Palacio de Gobierno and the colonial elegance of Casa Montejo. Have coconut ice-cream at Sorbetería Colón, then enter the looming Cathedral San Ildefonso. Move back into the contemporary time period next door at the MACAY art museum, then enjoy a traditional Yucatecan dinner in Patio 57.


In Progreso, try “merengue” and fresh, cold coconuts from the local street vendors. Enjoy cold beer with lime called “cheladas” and freshly fried shrimp at the delicious local joint, “Carabela.” Take a drive down the coast on the beach highway and arrive to San Crisanto for a night in the eco-chic cabañas “K’anab’Nah.”


In San Crisanto, take a boat tour of the mangroves, arriving to the freshwater “ojo de agua,” where you can swim with huge, but docile, fish. On the way back to Mérida, stop by the X’cambó archaeological site. Arrive to Mérida in time for the free salsa class at La Mezcalería at 9 pm with live music by La Siembra.


Spend the morning on Paseo de Montejo, shopping for artisan souvenirs in ¡El Estudio! and tasting some “pox” at La Poshería. Stop by Palacio Cantón to see the special exhibition Ko’olel (Woman), Transforming the Way, then spend the afternoon on a cantina tour throughout the Centro, hitting up El Dzalbay, La Negrita, El Cardenal, Pipiripau, and the most authentic: El Gallito.


Take a day trip into the past with a visit to Uxmal, one of the most immense but intricate archaeological sites in México. On your way back to Mérida, stop in Muna for handicrafts and honey. Back in Mérida, recharge your batteries at the unforgettable Catrín Cocina Cantina.


Have a tropical breakfast on the terrace at Rosas & Xocolate, then dedicate yourself to a day in the spa: chocolate wraps and facials. Walk along Calle 60 and take a picture with the palm trees and golden church of Parque Santa Ana. Have cocktails and dinner at one of many world-class restaurants in Parque de Santa Lucía.


On your last day, beginning at 9 am, rent a bike and roll through Mérida en Domingo (Sunday), when streets shut down and bicycles rule until 1 pm. Return to Mérida’s central square for the traditional dance, the “Vaquería” at 1 pm and the “Boda de la Mestiza” at 5 pm. Enjoy mezcal margaritas and murals of Frida Kahlo with your dinner on the terrace at Pancho’s.

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