Hotel Le Muuch


This month our route begins in Valladolid. Museums are closed on Mondays, so drop off your luggage at Hotel Le Muuch and set out to explore Uayma and Ek Balam. Don’t hesitate to stop for Carne Ahumada tacos and to admire the wood craftsmanship in Temozón. At night, take the Free Walking Tour and enjoy the video mapping.



Cenote Xcanche - Valladolid


Today’s the day! Choose the museums that tickle your fancy (folk art? Traditional Mexican garments?), and don’t miss out on a nice meal at restaurant K’uxub. If you skipped out on the X’Canché cenote at Ek Balam (or you’re looking to try a different one), visit either San Lorenzo Oxman or Saamal, at Hacienda Selva Maya.



Juego de Pelota Chichén ItzáWednesday

We’re off to Chichén Itzá! On the way there, make sure to visit the Tía de Kaua your heart chooses, and try the famous Huevos Encamisados. At Chichén Itzá you’ll admire not only the architectural prowess of the ancient Maya, but the talent of current Maya artisans, such as Efraín Cetz.



Homún - Cenote Hool Kosom


Still thirsting for cenotes? The next stop would be a tour in Homún; make sure it includes Hool Kosom. Otherwise, how about relaxing with a day pass at Hacienda Sabacché? Just remember to book in advance. The night will bring a unique experience: go glamping at Hameki.



Ticul - Letras / letters


Today we’re off to Ticul, with a brief stop in Mama for a look at its church; with some luck, you’ll see one of the processions during the feast of our Lady of the Assumption. In Ticul, have a great meal and go wild shoe-shopping for everyone at your party.



La Pirámide del Adivino - Uxmal


Start your day early to explore Uxmal, the jewel of the Puuc, and let its beauty charm you; do visit with a guide so you can fully appreciate all the details hidden in its architecture. Once your appetite is all worked up, head to Halachó to try the stellar Yucatecan food at the newly-opened Ya’axche restaurant. Head to Mérida for the night.



Biciletas - biciruta


Sunday will be your chance to make the most of the city. Start with a visit to the VisitMérida center at the Olimpo, and from there enjoy the Biciruta and the cultural activities offered in Centro and along Paseo de Montejo. Catch a dazzling sunset over cocktails on the rooftop at Cigno, in the heart of the Barrio de La Ermita.



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