Begin your stay in the Yucatán adventure hub: Tekax. Leave your bags at the TecnoHotel Express and explore the city center, La Ermita, and the Chac Xix cave. Don’t forget to ask a local guide about the legends surrounding the city’s patron saint, Saint Didacus (San Diego de Alcalá). 



Take a ride on the wild side: the ATV tour of the Tekax caves includes rappelling, zip-lining, and of course, spelunking. It’s a long tour, but it will definitely be a highlight of your visit. Head to nearby Oxkutzcab, check into Hotel Puuc, and rest for the day: you’ll surely be needing it.




Make the most of your stay in this underrated city, known as the Orchard of the State. Explore the former convent and train station. The highlight, however, is the market, where you’ll see the many fruits that have made the city famous. Once you’re done, head to Maní for the night.




In addition to its historical richness, Maní is renowned for beekeeping. Visit one of the many Melipona bee apiaries; in addition to being stingless, these native bees produce a kind of honey that is unique in flavor and properties. Don’t forget to try the Poc Chuc at Príncipe Tutul Xiu.




Hit the road towards the hidden jewel that is the Mayapán archeological site; its structures and murals are a marvel to see. Then cool off at a cenote, be it at Pixyá (for an extreme experience) or Telchaquillo (for a more relaxed visit). Head to Mérida for the night. 




Start off with a yummy Torta de Lechón on the way to Progreso. There you’ll enjoy the beauty of the port, walking down its piers, taking pictures, and enjoying the sea breeze at one of its many beachfront restaurants. Crabster is always a good choice.




Experience the Biciruta and the fun it offers. This will be a good chance to visit the galleries, museums, and shops that make Paseo de Montejo so lively. For lunch, stop by Matilda Salón Mexicano. We hope you enjoyed your stay, we hope to see you again soon!



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