“We realized that the moment at which we are happiest is when we can help others,” Andrea Gómez and Diego Ruíz, co-founders of Proyecto Causa tell me with a smile.

For a while now, the idea of starting a foundation had been resonating in their heads. The problem: choosing one type of aid to focus on. Andrea has volunteered throughout her life and has had the opportunity to help children with cancer, disabled people, residents of nursing homes, incarcerated individuals, and low-income communities. With the creation of Proyecto Causa, they are able to pick one cause at a time, inspire others to support it, and achieve a true change in the lives of people in all types of situations.

Their first cause was born during quarantine when the storm Cristóbal and its strong rains affected multiple communities throughout the state. There were people who lost it all, from the roofs over the heads to the clothes on their backs. Having witnessed this, Andrea and Diego could not just stand idly by. Proyecto Causa gathered clothes, blankets, and sheets and worked with other organizations that collected food. “It was truly awe-inspiring,” Andrea tells me. The enormous response took them by surprise and filled them with gratitude. For weeks, Andrea, Diego, and dozens of volunteers visited ten affected communities in Yucatán and delivered kits to over 800 families.

While visiting communities and speaking to their residents, they discovered their second cause in Tomás, an elderly man living in Pustunich. Tomás suffered an accident and lost most of his mobility. Currently, he resides in a house with walls made of sticks and a roof created with tarps and sheets, which was also affected by the storm. Because of his lack of mobility, Tomás has been robbed of what little belongings he has on several occasions. Proyecto Causa is determined to build him a house where he can live a safe and dignified life. Andrea and Diego filed for the required permits and now they await anxiously and full of hope so that they can begin building. They are accepting donations through Money Pool to make this a reality and create a home for Tomás.

“Everyone needs to find meaning in their lives and we found ours in being able to help those who are in need,” they conclude. For now, we can show support by donating and spreading the word on social media. Proyecto Causa looks to foment cooperation, solidarity, and transmit love. This is only one of many stories in which this initiative hopes to turn the page.

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Editorial by Greta Garrett
Assistant Editor


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