Chichén de Fuego by Arianne OsaldeSounds, chants, music, laughter, and dance—a celebration on the stage: that’s Chichén de Fuego.


Valladolid, a Magical Town and an important hub of art and culture in our state, now offers a new option for top-notch cultural entertainment. “Chichén de Fuego” is an extravaganza designed to preserve the traditions of Maya culture, infused with creative elements that answer the question: What would a night of celebration in Chichén be like? How did the Maya celebrate special occasions?


The Maya celebration comes to life on stage

The hour-long performance is divided into 12 acts that will whisk you away to a celebration brimming with music and dance. You’ll witness how great paintings depicted in murals like the one at Bonampak in Chiapas, come to life through choreographies guided by the melodies of the ancient musical instruments used by our ancestors.


Starting with the dance of the jaguar and the deer, moving on to the majestic presence of the great Kukulkán, the cacao ceremony, the party of the underworld gods, and finally, witnessing a representation of the ancient Maya ball game, the stage becomes filled with colors, textures, shapes, and landscapes that will provide you with a visual feast.


Music is undoubtedly the core element of this project, led by the talent and direction of musician Moisés Gonzálo Hernández, who has years of experience in indigenous music and specializes in pre-Hispanic instruments. He revives, replicates, and researches the elements used in the music of the ancient Maya civilization. For this endeavor, he collaborated with musicians from Yaxunah, creating remarkable original musical compositions for this cultural and innovative project.



 Chichén de Fuego by Arianne Osalde The production officially debuted on August 20, 2023, and performances will take place every Sunday until further notice.


Tickets are now available for purchase directly at the Iturralde Traconis Theater box office in Valladolid and on the official project website: Prices range from $250 pesos (for Yucatecos) to $450 pesos (for foreigners), making this event an affordable experience for all families.


Undoubtedly, “Chichén de Fuego” is an auditory and visual marvel that invites you to explore and learn more about the culture around us. Let’s make the most of these spaces and engage with high-quality art that supports local talent and puts Yucatán on the global stage.


Goretty Ramos


By Goretty Ramos
Feminist communicologist with delusions of being an artist and silk-screen printer. Researching, learning, and sharing.



Photography by Arianne Osalde for use in Yucatán Today.

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