Falling into a pool full of inflatable balls? Can that also be done here? I asked. In response, barefoot and laughing, I dove into joy and fun…while visitors to La Isla Mérida Malltertainment saw me trying to match the figures in the Sphinxes attraction.

The first Malltertainment in the country – a new concept created especially by GICSA – La Isla brings retail stores, gastronomy, services, and entertainment options together. It’s a shopping center, but goes even further with amusement activities for everyone. Get ready to experience excitement, memorable moments, fun with friends, and a healthy family life.

The wide range of entertainment makes La Isla Mérida unique: the famous Hot-Air Balloon, visible from more than 6 miles away, which resembles the full moon; Cable Park with skiing on the lake; the Barrio Frenezi amusement park with attractions for children and adults; the exceptional theater and the incredible projection on the lake with shows every night; as well as an extensive selection of musical, artistic and cultural events that display the traditions of the region and bring joy to the whole family, including pets. From young kids to grandparents, everyone finds an inclusive place where time flies while spending a pleasant day.

Its iconic architecture is a comfortable place for visitors, with large spaces, green areas, fountains, covered parking, playgrounds for children, the boardwalk on the lake shore, retail shops to please everyone, exclusive brands, and specialty food for all tastes.

The state of the art technology features a dome that allows natural lighting and air conditioning; La Isla Mérida Malltertainment is a destination that combines technology with nature. Creativity blended with healthy socializing: a place where there is always something new to experience.

The enthusiasm and commitment by each of the elements of the mall is tangible from the moment you arrive, as well as in the activities that you can experience with legos, guess the film, and sphinxes. The entertainment ambassadors take care of the fun while you walk, do your shopping, and enjoy. At La Isla Mérida Malltertainment you can have it all!


La Isla Merida Malltertainment
24th Street, Cabo Norte
Stroller and wheelchair service
FB, IG and Twitter: @LaIslaMeridaOficial

Consult weekly activities, events and promotions of stores: www.laislamerida.mx



Editorial by Violeta H. Cantarell

Photography by Violeta H. Cantarell for use in Yucatán Today; Facebook La Isla; Cabo Norte.



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