We all want to live a balanced life that helps protect and heal our planet, but often we don’t know where to start. That’s why The Green Maya Project has come up with ten tips to get you on track toward becoming a conscious consumer. Every single person counts, be assured that your contributions will make a difference.


1. Vote with your money

For every peso you spend, you are casting a vote. You are supporting the morals, ethics, business practices, and the environmental impact of that company. Voting with your money has never been more critical.


2. Get to know the owners and board members of the businesses that you frequent

Find out what important issues they support. Do they invest in their community? How do they treat their people? What are the environmental impacts of their business, and what are they doing to address them? Do they care about you? This all matters, be informed of what you’re supporting financially.


3. Use your voice

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask employees how they feel working at an establishment. Ask other patrons or guests to share their personal experiences with the products or services of a certain business. Be sure to leave your reviews as well and share valuable information with others.


4. Shop local and support small businesses

More money staying in your community makes it a better place for you to live by creating local jobs, enhancing diversity, reducing the carbon footprint, increasing real estate value, and building a strong network for local interests and laws.


5. Buy less stuff and invest in experiences that last forever

Material objects deteriorate, go to landfills, and then we buy more stuff to replace our old belongings. Instead, put your money into experiences that will last a lifetime and are so much more valuable.


6. Purchase quality goods made from durable materials and equipment that can be repaired

Stop thinking linearly and start thinking circular in order to avoid waste. Take the word “disposable” out of your vocabulary.


7. Decline all single-use plastics and unnecessary packaging

Instead, carry your own bags, water bottle, cutlery, and take-out containers. When necessary, choose glass, carton, or compostable alternatives. Stay away from Styrofoam (ALWAYS!).


8. Eat healthy, at least most of the time

You know that eating healthy is good for your body, but did you know that it’s also extremely beneficial for the planet? Consume more veggies and eat less meat and dairy. Choose food that is locally and ethically grown.


 9. Use natural resources responsibly

Water and energy from oil and gas are finite resources, use them as if we might run out. You can also update your home and office for the highest efficiencies possible.


10. Read labels, define all unknown ingredients

Sadly, the ingredients in many household and personal care products are toxic and harmful to your health. Understand the potential risks to you and your family.




Editorial by Sara Renshaw
Founder and Director
The Green Maya Project



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