I can perfectly recall the last time I was at Casa Chica. We left the office after an incredibly busy day, walked along Paseo de Montejo and took a seat on the terrace. The breeze was just perfect, we laughed endlessly, and shared stories that I wouldn’t trade for the world.


I had the opportunity to talk to the creative mind behind the visual area of Casa Chica. She told me about the magic of the place, the new murals by artist Mark Scala, and the indescribable energy you feel when drinking a fresh cocktail surrounded by good music.


She describes it as “a spirited secret full of color on Paseo de Montejo.” You can visit by yourself, with your pet (there are designated pet-friendly areas both inside and on the terrace), with your partner, or with friends.


Since it opened in 2017, Casa Chica (sister company of iconic hot spots La Mezclaería and La Negrita), has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Its interior design was inspired primarily by Miami’s Art Decó, using gold as an accent color surrounded by reds and greens. The neon lights, the terrace, and the tropical ambience make this place come alive. The flamingos are my personal favorite.


For me, this is a place to connect (I’m corny, okay?), take a breather from the world, and fill yourself up with good vibes.



You can now enjoy these same good vibes in this restored Casona during mornings and afternoons (something that makes me rejoice since breakfast and I are one in the same). The menu is constantly changing; however, chef Manuel Garnica makes sure to use only the freshest and healthiest ingredients in his culinary creations. The pizzetas and the smoked salmon bagel are especially spectacular. And the Sunday brunch menu is heaven. Excuse me while I go sip mimosas and eat Chilaquiles for the rest of eternity.


I was also told about the measures they’re taking to ensure their guests’ safety. They’ve reduced the total number of tables to create more space in between customers, plus they take everyone’s temperature upon arrival, provide antibacterial gel, and constantly disinfect all areas. You can’t miss their chess afternoons! Visit them Tuesdays between 3 and 6 pm and receive a 10% discount while you play.



Yes, it may sound corny, but life is about enjoying the little moments: your friends’ loud laughter, a scenery that seems painted just for you, and an ice-cold beer.


Paseo de Montejo #498-B, Centro
Tel. (999) 233 8751
IG: @casachicabar



Editorial por Greta Garrett
Writer, director, and excellent human sandbag. Self-proclaimed funny person, fully bilingual, and passionate storyteller.



Photography by Casa Chica for use in Yucatán Today.

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