Teatro de la Rendija welcomes you from September 18 to 25, to the 7th edition of their annual festival, focused on the promotion and visibility of the artistic scene in Mérida in conjunction with groups, local artists and guests from other cities of México. This came about from the need to recognize and interconnect as a local network, and to share performing arts with the community.

Six annual editions have been possible, thanks to the support of different government offices and private companies, and to the collaboration of alternative venues and independent artistic groups from Yucatán. The festival has allowed, since the beginning (with the support of Iberescena), to create a space for reflection and collaboration.

In each edition, the program and repertoire are defined based on a specific theme. In the past editions, the themes were: Exchange, Site specific performance, Objects theater, Autobiographic theater, Plays in progress, and From convention to installation.

This year the Festival will welcome Ilaii A.C., Alejandra Díaz de Cossío, Eduardo Contreras Soto, José Jorge Carreón, Síndrome Belacqua, Makina DT and Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol. Two workshops will take place during the Festival: one will be about scenery objects for kids, and the other an intensive one about scenery photography. Also, activities from the “Seminario – Laboratorio de Instalación y Escena en el VI Encuentro Internacional de Instalación y Escena de Marco Semiótico” will be finalized.

The Festival is aimed at those who like to spend time in Mérida’s Centro, wherever they reside; anyone interested in the scenic arts, literature, cinema, history, and cultural exchange: students, young people, and adults.

Check out the program: www.teatrodelarendija.com

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