Since January 15, 1988, the first day Yucatán Today was published, it has filled us with pride to be the magazine described by our readers as the touristic “bible” of Yucatán. March 2017 will be the first anniversary of the launching of our new image, which has made it easier to use the maps, lodging, restaurant, and museum listings, and editorial information.

29 years ago we began this incredible journey of accompanying visitors to Yucatán through every corner of our state. In celebration of our anniversary this year, we’d like to introduce you to our team. Consistency, dedication and a special love for Mérida and Yucatán are the motivations that inspire us every day.

Back Row: Tere, Mary, Juanita, Andrea, Tania, Renée, Natalia***** Front Row: Alfredo, Javier, Roberto, Julio, Beto

We are: Juan Manuel Mier y Terán , founder. Judy Abbott de Mier y Terán, founder. Andrea Mier y Terán, director and team leader. Juanita Stein, editorial director. Natalia Bejarano, editorial assistant. Tania López, graphic design. Renée Morales, accounting assistant. Roberto Pérez, payments and distribution. Humberto (Beto) Canul and Julio Chalé, printers. Mary Aké, Tere Aké, and Alfredo Tec, bindery. Javier Padrón, maintenance.

We have implemented new strategies, with a complete renewal of our website and a greater presence in social media, thereby growing our readership of both the printed magazine and its online version. We will continue to strengthen Yucatán Today, so we can continue to accompany you throughout our beautiful state.
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