High-temperature handmade ceramics from Dzidzantún and branches that turn into animals or mythological creatures straight from the artist’s imagination are some of the pieces you’ll find at the annual sale AANY organizes which brings the creations of more than 60 artists from around the Península to the public. Find mermaids and Catrinas that used to be cardboard and paper, leather objects, textiles, jewelry, accessories, and much more. This event is a place that looks to rescue ancestral techniques and fair-trade practices.

Year after year, the association Amigos de los Artistas/Artesanos Nuevos de Yucatán (AANY) holds this event as a platform for artists to sell and promote their products. The personality of the work shines through (most pieces are unique and entirely handmade), bringing tradition and modernity together.


AANY emerged almost a decade ago as a non-profit association that focuses on showcasing handmade art and handcrafts in Yucatán. With the support of Joan Farrell and seven founding members, it continues to advocate for the consumption and appreciation of regional art under a vision of fair-trade in which buyers deal directly with artists.

At the exhibit and sale, you can meet each of the participating artists and artisans, talk with them about their inspiration or technique, and even order special designs. “Arte a Mano” is a space of artistic and cultural coexistence that is significant for both exhibitors and visitors; the former by earning income through sales, and the latter by taking home one-of-a-kind pieces. AANY is an opportunity to shop for gifts and personal or decorative pieces that are, as AANY’s motto says, “art for home and heart.”

This edition will feature creators from Campeche, Quintana Roo, and Yucatán. There will be 12 brands making jewelry made of silver, filigree, leather, wood, shell, and jicara. 13 artists exhibiting embroidered textiles and hammocks. In furniture and home décor made with metal, palm, blown glass, and vitrofusion, nine visionaries will present. There will also be eight brands showcasing decorative articles made of paper-mache, Lecs, ceramic, clay, and stone. For carved and polychromatic wood, also seven creators will be present, as well as six artists working with paper and natural fibers such as Henequén. (Check the participant directory)

The annual AANY sale is an excellent event where you can begin your search for fantastic and thoughtful gifts for the holiday season. It’s a forum unlike any other for design and art students, as well as for collectors, interior designers, architects, designers, and for the general public that wants to see more of the Peninsula’s talent up close. Don’t miss it!


Friday December 6 – Sunday December 8
Friday December 6: 5 – 8:30 pm
Saturday December 7: 10 am – 8:30 pm
Sunday December 8: 10 am – 7 pm

Sala de Comercio Canaco (Av. Itzáes x Calle 31)
Free Access


Editorial by Violeta H. Cantarell
Photography by Facebook AANY with permission for use in Yucatán Today


Participant Directory


  1. Endiko joyería: Silver jewelry
  2. Lilop: Leather jewelry
  3. Arte plumario: Stone jewelry
  4. Hache brazaletes: Leather accesories
  5. Poolkaab: Shell and fiber jewelry
  6. Buri: Wood jewlery
  7. Creatividad sin límites Romero: Jícara jewelry
  8. Filigrana Yucatán: Filigree jewelry
  9. Eleonora: Silver jewelry
  10. Naloy Vargas: Prehispanic jewelry
  11. Caravana: Silver jewelry
  12. Sergio Salcedo Filigrana: Filigree jewelry


  1. Desbordada: Textile art (embroidery)
  2. Taller-galería: Handcrafted jewelry y batik Maya reproductions
  3. Agueda León diseño textil: Textiles, sculpture y clothing
  4. Ballena diseño textil: Decoration and textile accesories
  5. Changuera de mi monito: Sock monkeys
  6. Hamacas Tello: Hammocks
  7. Texoxe: Contemporary embroidery
  8. Hipilmanía: Cross stitch embroidery
  9. Bordados Nicte-há: Filigree
  10. Rita Cervera: Textiles painted by hand
  11. Emiliana: Textile quilting and embroidery
  12. Yovi Dobi: Handcrafted dolls and clothing
  13. Boon técnica de reserva: Textile object art

Furniture and Decoration

  1. Opia: Metalwork
  2. Eleméntika: Concrete pots and mirrors
  3. Arte en lámparas: Hand painted lamps
  4. Petates: Palm knitting
  5. La Miiu Miau: Decoration and accesories
  6. Laila: Object art and design
  7. 760 grados: Blown glass
  8. Tolok: Furniture and decor
  9. Arte en vidrio: Vitrofusion elements

 Decorative Elements

  1. Empapelarte: Paper maché and object art
  2. Arana y Piaggio: Lecs
  3. Mayart: Fans and carved stone
  4. Taham Lu’um: High temperature ceramics
  5. Manet: Ceramics
  6. Pascuala Moreno: Candles with natural essences
  7. Réplicas mayas: Polychromed clay
  8. Réplicas: Polychromed clay

 Carved and Polychromatic Wood

  1. Chiche-Ché Meyajtá An: Precious woods
  2. Ramas y escultura Guerra: Wood sculpture
  3. Artesanías Kumul: Carved in wood
  4. Tesoros naturales de coco y concha: Palm, coconut and wood
  5. Milton Hernández: Carved in wood
  6. Sanestel: Carved and polychromatic wood
  7. Wayak Arte Maya: Polychromatic wood and canvases 


  1. Jícara: Object art and jewelry
  2. Condessa Leather: Leather bags and accessories
  3. Massimo: Leather bags
  4. Arte sanando: Macramé sandals and stone work
  5. B&G Atelier: Handmade leather sandals
  6. Arte en cuerno de toro: Horn accessories and decor
  7. SRC arte hecho a mano: cross stitched accessories

 Paper and Natural Fibers

  1. Mayan Paper: Natural fiber paper
  2. Lucinarte: Object art
  3. Pajara pinta: Stationary products and bags
  4. Henquén Roxxi: Henequén products
  5. Lián Li Arte y diseño: etching and embroidery on textile, paper and wood

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