15 years ago one of the first restaurants to offer healthy delicious options arrived in Mérida: 100% natural, originally from the beautiful beach port of Acapulco and famous because of it presence in different cities of México. Today we can enjoy their dishes in Colonia Gonzalo Guerrero (across from Sam’s on Prolongación Paseo de Montejo).

Faithful to the company mission, to be connected with the community, respectful of and caring for the environment, and especially taking care of the body through healthy diet, they created an alliance with Puntos Verdes. The community-focused Puntos Verdes is a project that has connected towns with farmers, thanks to the efforts of some UADY researchers and the restaurant; creating a cooperative, where they are trained, informed and supported so they can provide a variety of products to places such as 100% natural.

Thanks to this alliance, we can now enjoy the freshest and most natural products of the season such as oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, watermelon, papaya, cilantro, mint, among others, in each dish and juice from the menu. This way 100% natural is part of a chain that is helping our environment by making small farmers financially stronger.

So if you are walking around Prolongación Montejo and you are dying to have something healthy, just like you would make it at home, drop in to the restaurant. It will seem as if you are sitting in your mother’s kitchen, where the food is of high quality, with daily fresh ingredients, prepared at the moment just for you and without any artificial ingredients. Delicious!

And as part of their plans for the New Year, we can tell you that 100% natural is planning to begin remodeling one location and add another location. Which area of the city you think it will be in?

Tel. (999) 213 0002
FB: 100%natural Mérida

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