Normally you would probably think of using a regular taxi, a bus, the subway, or a collective taxi system to get from one place to another in other cities of México and the world, but in Yucatán we have one other very unique way to get from A to B, and it’s much more fun!

This one-of-a-kind transportation system is mostly utilized in the small towns of Yucatán and the Peninsula in general, making it, unintentionally, another of the attractions and curiosities that our beautiful state has to offer.

Tricitaxis are a simple, fun, austere, different, and very picturesque and economical way to go from one place to another. Enjoy a small space where you can escape from the burning rays of the Yucatecan sun, while feeling a refreshing breeze on your face and watching the scenery and people go by, enroute to your destination.

One detail you will surely note is that the tricitaxis, motorcycle taxis, bicycles, and cars all travel together on the same roads, at times with no clear idea where the lanes begin and end; and all passing each other wherever they can. Don’t worry, these drivers are all used to getting around like this every day, and have their space limitations well memorized. There is much camraderie between the drivers, and they often give way to each other.

If you visit a small town, you will note that the center of town is full of “mototaxis” (motorcycle taxis) and tricitaxis. The difference between them is described in their respective names: the motorcycle taxis are motorcycles that pull a cabin with two or more wheels, and in some versions the cabin is in front. They are usually more spacious than the tricitaxis, which are tricycles which have a roof added on, and up front there is a small cabin with seats. It does not have a motor; the driver uses his own force and strength to pedal the vehicle to its destination.

Now that you are there, go to the local market, buy a cup of fruit, and walk around the area. Take time to try the typical regional food: ask the locals which places or people are most renowned for their food. Take a seat and immerse yourself in the life of the community, which will surely welcome you with open arms and adopt you as if you were a member of the family. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips and suggestions; the local people will be delighted to help you.

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