La Cupula Juan Manuel Coral“In Mérida, people appreciate beauty.” These are the words that Leïla Voight, art curator and president of the board of directors of Fundación Centro Cultural La Cúpula, A.C., speaks with great enthusiasm about this new space inaugurated just this past December, only two blocks from Paseo de Montejo.

To enter La Cúpula is to understand the dream that Leïla has had for several years: to offer a space that promotes, produces, and transmits contemporary art in all its forms, choosing Mérida as its headquarters. It’s a unique space, with nothing like it in the entire peninsula, with an international concept that integrates the artistic vision of its founder: to showcase artists from all over the world, and also to promote the talent of Mexican artists.

The beautiful La Cúpula building is a unique place to launch this project, with three adjacent houses that have been transformed and converted into seven exhibition salons, a video room, ample gardens, and a production workshop. There are also two residences for artists, established specifically to receive artists in order to create productions, workshops, and activities in a structure that will prove to define Yucatán as an exchange point for art and culture.

Conceived as well as headquarters for artistic expressions in various disciplines, whether exhibitions, concerts, or dance, theater, audiovisual or architectural performances, La Cúpula will captivate you; there is nothing else anything like it in Mérida. It brings everything together for you to be a frequent attendee, or a pleasantly surprised visitor!

The inaugural exhibit that opened last month couldn’t be better: “True Lights”, a collection of 22 painted photographs by Japanese visual artist Kimiko Yoshida. “These self-portraits were created with Rorschach technique painting, utilizing a disappearance concept,” comments Yoshida. The results are fascinating.

In one of the salons you can also see 15 unique pieces, including furniture, paintings, and lamps, created by Mexican designer Ernesto Velázquez, using layers of goat skin of various colors, in an exclusive exhibit. Both of these exhibitions are on display until January 31, from Monday to Friday 4 pm – 8 pm and Saturdays 11 am – 3 pm.

The first two French exchange residents, Raphäel Ilias and Julien Lafarge, will create art and participate in other activities from January to March. In February watch for Michael Maugée and Juan Pablo Mier y Terán (painting and sculpture exhibit); and in March look for Emilio Suárez and Omar Said…and much more, in music, recitals, and photography.

You can attend yoga classes from Monday to Friday with Juan Manuel Coral, or the creativity workshop on Fridays and Saturdays with Guillermo S. Quintana, author of the little bird symbol that you can find in the logo of Centro Cultural La Cúpula.

Art also goes hand in hand with altruistic endeavors, which is why collaborators of the art center will offer creativity, music, and dance workshops for adults and children of Oasis de San Juan de Dios, A.C.

La Cúpula is on a par with international art centers, and we are sure that it will become one of your favorite places.

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By Violeta H. Cantarell


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