With 106 municipalities, countless cenotes, beaches, archaeological sites, and haciendas, Yucatán boasts one of the world’s densest cultural landscapes thanks to its ancient and contemporary Maya population. Accept that you’ll never be able to explore it all, but pack in as much as possible with our monthly recommendations for a week-long adventure. Sift through the archives on our website to mix and match your perfect trip!

Hotel boutique Diplomat MeridaMonday

Check in to The Diplomat Boutique Hotel and explore the Centro Histórico on foot. For lunch try a gem right in Parque Santa Lucía, Rosa Sur 32º, and stop by Ki’Xocolatl to sample exquisite chocolate. In the evening, listen to live music at Paseo 60 and have dinner at one of the many restaurants there.

San Felipe


Leave before 8 am for San Felipe where you will enjoy sublime beaches, a charming seaside village, and ceviche feasts. Spend the night at the Hotel Felipe de Jesús and recharge with nature, sunsets, and complete relaxation.

Ek BalamWednesday

In the morning, head into the heart of the state and discover majestic Ek Balam. When you’re done, on your way back to Mérida, stop for a bite at Casa Conato Cultural in Valladolid. Back in town, have dinner at Mansión Mérida in Parque Hidalgo.

Hacienda Sotuta de Peon


Visit the Sotuta de Peón Live Hacienda to learn all about henequén and eat a delicious Yucatecan meal. Enjoy a lively dinner al fresco at “En el Corazón de Mérida” on Calle 60; then continue your night out at Mercado 60 with some live music.

Mercado SantiagoFriday

Spend your day touring some of the traditional neighborhoods of the city such as Santiago and La Ermita to see the parks, churches, and colonial buildings. In the evening, experience the music, atmosphere, and contemporary Mexican cuisine at Catrín 47.

El Estudio


Have breakfast at the small but elegant Marmalade on Calle 47. Then check out Cacao, La Poshería, and ¡El Estudio! for some shopping. For lunch, head to La Tradición. If you’ve ever wondered what the Maya ball game was like, go to the Pok-ta-Pok game at the Plaza Grande at 8 pm.

Bici RutaSunday

In the morning, visit the Monumento a la Patria and rent a bicycle for the Biciruta on Paseo de Montejo. Then, go to the north of the city and enjoy the stores at La Isla and lunch at Tatemar. Head back to Centro in the evening to stroll the streets of Mérida one last time.


Editorial by Maggie Rosado
Photography from various sources for use in Yucatán Today

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