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December, 2015

Delicious gourmet burgers. Fabulous gin cocktails. Special house wines. All in a pretty downtown restaurant with a small, cozy interior and on-the-park terrace dining. No, we are not talking about London, L.A., or Montreal. Bryan’s Burger Bar is right here in Mérida, in Parque Santa Lucía.

Contemporary, popular, and laid-back, the latest offspring of the Trotter’s group has decided to zoom in on one specific specialty that its big brother Bryan’s, in the north part of town, has become famous for: its high quality gourmet burgers. Every one of the restaurants in this group has its own niche, and every one is successful. Part of the reason for that is the owners’ innate talent in creating stylish modern settings, and combining them with high-quality food and good service. Bryan’s Burger Bar, in Parque Santa Lucía, is just a few doors down from its sister restaurant, La Tratto, popular for its pizzas and pastas.

Fancy a gin and tonic? There are British gins on the menu, of course! But also gins from Holland, USA, Argentina, France, and Spain. And there are eight different, fabulously exotic gin cocktails to choose from, mostly containing tonic, but not all. Some of the ingredients include Campari, fresh strawberries, cinnamon, basil, celery, cucumber, blackberries, Xtabentún liqueur, pink peppercorns, fresh tamarind, cilantro, ginger, mint, and grapes. Not all in the same cocktail, needless to say!

While sipping your gin cocktail, you can ponder the burger choices. The beef burgers are made with 100% certified Angus beef, freshly ground in-house each day, and served with homemade daily-baked buns. Your burger will be cooked to “medium” doneness unless you specify otherwise. The five beef burgers include the “Clásica”, the “Cheeseburger”, the “Bacon Cheeseburger”, the “California”, and the “Parisina”.

For non-carnivores, there is a ground turkey burger, a salmon and pistachio burger, and a veggie burger too. All burgers are served with crispy homemade potato chips, creatively prepared fresh with truffle oil, vinegar, sea salt, and fresh herbs, as well as tangy house ketchup.

If you want a lighter meal, or would like an appetizer before your burger…or to share with a friend… you can order hummus, stuffed olives, guacamole, sundried tomato with three cheeses dip, or Margarita flatbread. There are also three salads to choose from: arugula, Caesar, and a house salad.

A word about the wines: the list is not long but there is something for everyone…and all of the wines are available by the glass or the bottle. Try Bryan’s own label: a Mexican Tempranillo from Valle de Guadalupe, in Baja California.

The other restaurants in the Trotter’s Group are Pancho’s in Centro, La Tratto Santa Lucía and Prolongación Paseo de Montejo, Bryan’s in the north part of town, and Trotter’s, the flagship restaurant on Circuito Colonias near Prolongación Paseo de Montejo.

Bryan’s Burger Bar
Parque Santa Lucía
Calle 60 x 55 y 53, Centro
Tel. 999 923 3787


While sipping your gin cocktail, you can ponder the burger choices.

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