As in years past, Mérida shows off the traditions and culture of the Yucatecan people during the traditional “Festival de las Ánimas” (Festival of Souls), dedicated to the memory of the deceased with rites and ceremonies inherited from the Maya.


10 years since its first edition, in 2008, “Paseo de las Ánimas” is one of the most important and unique events organized by the Ayuntamiento de Mérida. It’s a synonym of tradition and family life, with a procession through the streets of Mérida as part of the Hanal Pixán (Feast of the Souls) festivities. The walk begins at the General Cemetery and makes its way to San Juan park, with “ánimas” wearing regional attire. Leading the walk will be Mérida’s mayor Renán Barrera Concha, also wearing regional attire and carrying candles in his hands.

All along the route will be story-telling events, and snack and regional sweets food stands. There will be artistic representations, and the streets will be filled with the aroma of incense, “mucbipollo,” and flowers…while the singing and prayers to the “ánimas” can be heard as the procession passes by.

In the 2018 edition, that will take place on October 31st at 6 pm, neighbors from all over the city and surrounding towns will participate, grouped in around 250 community councils.

On this occasion its goal is to have over 300 altars distributed among the 13 blocks that separate the General Cemetery from San Juan park. Each year the number of people in attendance increases, and on this occasion, it’s expected that the visitors will exceed 50,000. A novelty this year will be the “Festival del Pib,” a traditional Hanal Pixán dish, that will take place Sunday October 28th from 11 am – 6 pm.

The “Paseo de las Ánimas” is one of the most popular cultural events with the local, national, and international public, with a positive impact on tourism, hotels, and restaurants.

Come with your family and friends and enjoy our roots and traditions, symbol of a cultural heritage which continues to be more alive than ever!

Editorial by H. Ayuntamiento de Mérida
Photography by Alejandro Poot “Chelón” and H. Ayuntamiento de Mérida for use in Yucatán Today


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