Xmatkuil 2015Yucatán is a state with great cultural and artistic tradition, its gastronomy is internationally famous, and the warmth of its inhabitants is remarked upon by its visitors.

All of these qualities and more come together over 24 days of Feria Yucatán 2015 (state fair), from November 13 to December 6 at the Xmatkuil fairgrounds south of the city. It is the most important state fair in southeast México, bringing together multiple sectors of the community in a fairground of 77 hectares, showcasing the best of Yucatán and its people.

With a predicted attendance of more than two million visitors this year, the fair offers artistic and musical shows for the whole family, and also includes cultural events with representation from folklore groups and regional comedy.

Horsemanship will be present in the “Lienzo Charro” events, as well as cattle, equestrian, and canine shows, on the “Pista de Calificación” stage.

The fair’s attractions, shows, and exhibits are always eagerly awaited by its thousands of attendees each day. The expectations are high this year and the fair is prepared to deliver, with an extensive variety of options for the whole family.

The Las Vegas Magic Show will be a main event, featuring the Brazilian illusionist Eriko Trevensoli. He comes to the fair after a tour through México and Dubai, with a new show and new illusion acts.

“La Aventura en el Museo” (museum adventure) comes to the fair for the first time and consists of a mix of wax and live human statues. Characters from history, cinema, and science fiction will be present in this attraction which will delight and surprise you. “Momias, La Voz de los Muertos” (mummies, the voice of the dead) is a scientific and cultural presentation that displays the importance of mummification to various cultures during humanity’s history, in a very entertaining way.

“Dinosauria” is a theme park with interactive, recreational, and didactic elements, with “dinosaurs” present in conditions similar to those which they experienced.

In “Tributo al Cine” (tribute to cinema), both children and adults will enjoy the experience which brings the movie studios to life, with six sets showing animated film characters, including great superheroes of today.

The “Teatro del Pueblo”, “Palenque”, and the new “Centro de Espectáculos Montejo” stages will be the settings for a variety of concerts of different musical styles, performed by well known popular artists.

Teatro del Pueblo will offer free shows including performances by Los Primos MX, Fidel Rueda, Paty Cantú, Carlos Rivera, Salón Victoria, La Sonora Santanera, Súper Lamas, Junior Klan, and more.

At Centro de Espectáculos Montejo, people like Julión Álvarez, El Bebeto, El Gigante de América, Libán Garza and Regulo Caro will perform in this new space that holds more than 30,000 people.

This is just a small taste of what is in store for you at our state fair. You are invited to come be a part of Feria Yucatán 2015. ¡La Feria de Todos!

More information: www.feriayucatan.gob.mx


This fall Yucatán is in fiesta mode with its traditional fair, from November 13-December 6, 2015.

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