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Tizimín: The Heartland of Yucatán

Depth of Field Neydi’s rich, dark hair rests on her earthy, embroidered blouse. A confident woman with fascinating things to say, Neydi Cardeña has been charged with running the region’s…

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The Wind-soaked Air of El Cuyo

The drive into El Cuyo ranks very high on my list of cinematic arrivals. Leaving from Tizimín, the two-lane highway cuts through immense cattle pastures. Solitary palmeras form sparse groups…

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Let Your Inner “Indiana Jones” Free in San Manuel, Tizimín

Hike through the trails of the low forest, discover virgin cenotes and unique caves alongside a monkey or two, the occasional snake, and (if you’re lucky) wild felines. All this…

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In and Around Tizimín, Yucatán’s Heartland

Taste Tradition on the Corner of Colonial Tizimín Full of natural wonders, Tizimín still hasn’t felt the pressure of tourism, like many other smaller cities. That’s why you’ll find pure…

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Temozón: Where the Famous Smoked Meat was Born

Very near Valladolid, only 8 minutes heading towards Tizimín, the community of Temozón offers tourists a different experience, which unites gastronomy, history, nature, and archaeology. Temozón (“place of the swirl”)…

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Strolling the Streets of Mérida

It comes as no surprise to locals that Mérida was recently listed by Time’s Money magazine as the third best international travel destination on the globe. Mérida’s classy colonial architecture, wildly delicious…

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Set up Camp along the Costa Esmeralda

Nothing brings me closer to the ocean than a tent. Nature’s lullaby carries me into a trance when I sleep in my wall-free nest. All four directions of the wind…

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Food Culture in the Puuc: The Original Farm to Table Movement

The modern Maya inhabitants of distant Yaxhachén maintain many of their traditional ways of living. They thrive as subsistence farmers, where men cultivate honey and work on small farms called…

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Sustainable Eco-Tourism in Calakmul

Standing 45 meters high on Structure II, the world spins around me, and a carpet of dense jungle ripples from the base of the monstrous pyramid. I raise my arms…

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By Night in Yucatán, Night Skygazing and New Moonmusing

Last year, I wanted to capture the galaxy for my birthday. On the first minute of my 27th at midnight, sleepy Oscar drove me to the Puuc in the darkness of…

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Sisal, an Island on the Mainland

Based on its geographical location, it’s no surprise that Sisal feels like an island on the mainland. Characterized by colonial architecture and thought-provoking murals, when I arrived to Sisal I felt…

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Cenotillo, The City of Cenotes

If you think its name, Cenotillo, is related to cenotes, you are correct. This municipality, located just over 100 kilometers from Mérida on the road between Izamal and Tizimín, owes…

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Travel Journals: Write to Remember

January 22, 2017 I hear Clémence unzipping her tent and she asks if I’m awake. We camped somewhere in the middle of 90 km coastal Biosphere Reserve Río Lagartos. I…

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Animaya: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The open gates of Animaya invite me in like a city park (free-of-charge), leading me directly to the monumental stela. Inscriptions formed in the style of ancient Maya hieroglyphs maze…

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Perched on the Edge of Time

The sprawling archaeological site of Uxmal overflows with bare stone detail. Symbolism grows along the architecture where the Turquoise-browed Motmot, (“Toh” in Maya), perches regally. She looks me in the eye,…

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The Secret Magic of Yaxuná

Coming from the highway which runs southbound from the town of Pisté, 20 km later you will see the rusty roadside signs signaling Yaxuná, an archaeological site where temples await,…

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The Secrets of Izamal: Maya Herbalism

Izamal is a city in Yucatán that you can’t miss, for the richness of its historical past, for its colonial architecture, and the mysticism that surrounds its most deeply rooted…

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Receive the New Year Visiting Yucatán

If you have chosen Yucatán for Christmas holidays, congratulations! You made the best decision, not only because of the wonderful places that our state has to offer, but also because…

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Fashion for the Whole Family: the Shoes of Ticul

“Such beautiful shoes you’re wearing! Where are they from?…Thanks, they’re from Ticul,” proudly answers a woman showing off a pair of modern, fashionable shoes manufactured in the Yucatecan shoe capital….

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Day Trip: Loltún Caves and Uxmal

At one hour and a half from Mérida you will find two of the most beautiful treasures from the Yucatán State, I´m talking about the Loltún Caves and the archeological…

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