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Ecology, Living in Yucatán

Súper Akí: A Yucatecan Company Spearheading Plastic Reduction

You shouldn’t be surprised that our environment is in crisis and among the biggest issues is the excess of garbage, particularly of single use plastics. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming…

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Video Series: Mérida’s Neighborhoods and Homes: San Ramón Norte 

In our continuing series featuring the unique homes and neighborhoods of Mérida, Yucatán, we are proud to present the San Ramón Norte neighborhood. Our host is Keith Heitke, a senior…

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Real Estate

Top 12 Questions Foreigners Ask About Buying Real Estate in México 

Yucatán Today often receives questions from foreigners interested in buying Mexican real estate. We asked MexLaw to answer the most common questions. Can a foreigner buy real estate in México?…

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