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Museums in Mérida

Museo Fernando García Ponce – MACAY Permanent exhibitions of the work of Yucatecan artists, including additional paintings by Fernando Castro Pacheco, the painter of murals in the Governor’s Palace. Museo…

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The Archaeology of Sacred Rituals

I flew to Yucatán from Mississippi for the first time in 2011 for an exhausting summer of archaeology. It was hot day after hot day of back-breaking (sometimes boring) work:…

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Who are the maya?

The Legend of Xtabay

Xtabay (pronounced esh-ta-bye): a fantastical Yucatecan woman, with long dark hair, dressed in white. Akin to a mermaid, the Xtabay floats between the spiky thorns of a ceiba grove. There,…

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Strolling the Streets of Mérida

It comes as no surprise to locals that Mérida was recently listed by Time’s Money magazine as the third best international travel destination on the globe. Mérida’s classy colonial architecture, wildly delicious…

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Urban Art: Colors Take Over the Streets with Datoer

Walking along the street, the walls detain you: it’s not a photograph (even if it looks like it), it’s a mural with a face painted with such detail that you…

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Food Culture in the Puuc: The Original Farm to Table Movement

The modern Maya inhabitants of distant Yaxhachén maintain many of their traditional ways of living. They thrive as subsistence farmers, where men cultivate honey and work on small farms called…

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The Magic of Female Chefs in Yucatán

“The female chefs in Yucatán are magicians,” says Miriam Peraza, owner of the restaurant Manjar Blanco. In our interview we talked about women, grandmothers, and the magic of the aromas…

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It's very yucatecan

From Yucatán to the World: Henequén Handcrafts

From flirty bags, tortilla baskets, hats, and clutch style wallets to jewelry boxes and earrings, in Yucatán you can purchase just about anything made from the sought-after string of henequén….

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Holy Week and Easter

Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified. In México, where 90% of the population is Catholic, Easter…

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“Ko’olel, transforming the way”

The woman in Yucatán’s history arrives at Palacio Cantón in the exhibition “Ko’olel, transforming the way” *** A journey from the first known woman, to the new female identities. ***…

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Animaya: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The open gates of Animaya invite me in like a city park (free-of-charge), leading me directly to the monumental stela. Inscriptions formed in the style of ancient Maya hieroglyphs maze…

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Kids Reborn through Music: Youth Symphony Orchestra

“Music can change the world, because it can change people.” – Bono More than 60 kids fill the classroom. They are taking notes, participating, and giving all of their attention…

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Dominic Greco, Just A Game

Watching Artist Dominic Greco work in his fabulous Chelem workshop, makes anyone think that drawing, painting or sculpting clay as he does is very easy. And in the same way…

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Volkswagen: A Living Cultural Memory

Classic Volkswagens of every color line the streets of modern Mérida, products that for locals are just as much Mexican as they are German. My friend Juanita tells a story…

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Perched on the Edge of Time

The sprawling archaeological site of Uxmal overflows with bare stone detail. Symbolism grows along the architecture where the Turquoise-browed Motmot, (“Toh” in Maya), perches regally. She looks me in the eye,…

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Arte Vivo Mérida 2018

In Fundación México Vivo we have accepted the task of providing a clear, informed sexuality education, based on scientific facts and inspired by the universal values of respect and human…

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Stephens and Catherwood Take the Maya World

Jungle of Stone: The True Story of Two Men, Their Extraordinary Journey, and the Discovery of the Lost Civilization of the Maya Reviewed by Jeanine Kitchel   IN 1839 an…

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Carnaval de Mérida 2018

This month of February marks an iconic annual event in our city: Carnaval de Mérida in the Plaza Carnaval in Xmatkuil, and as always it promises to be filled with…

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Cacao, From México to the World

Before the world was as we know it today, cacao (or chocolate) was already among us under the protection of the Maya god Ek Chuah. Learn more about this delicious…

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