Carnaval de Merida 2015Carnaval 2016 “Mérida, Ciudad Blanca” takes place from February 3-10, with a new image that has incorporated “video mapping” digital technology.

The carnival king and queen, Maritza Heredia Torre “Maritza I” and Hernán Alejandro Canto Dye “Hernán I” promise to spread happiness around and provide plenty of entertainment. You will also be able to enjoy the traditional parades and allegorical floats, full of color and fantasy.

This celebration is one of the most looked forward to and traditional events in southeast México, and takes place at the Feria Yucatán Xmatkuil fairgrounds, south of the city (you can get there by taking either Calle 50 or Calle 42 heading south from the city center…see map on page 8 of our magazine or click here), which becomes “Plaza Carnaval”. From its façade you will be able to see the modern image that represents the 2016 event.

“Adding video mapping technology makes for a more up-to-date, spectacular event, improving the experience for its visitors and above all reaching younger generations, without losing the tradition, joy, and fun that characterizes Mérida’s carnaval,” explained the executive secretary of the permanent Carnaval committee, Abril Ferreyro Rosado.

“We want this Carnaval to be a high quality event with a new, modern touch, without losing sight of its importance as a traditional fiesta, where families can enjoy unique, attractive experiences,” she added.

She explained that with this in mind, the beautiful parades are being carefully prepared, together with various events for all ages and tastes, with the support of sponsors, so that the celebration meets the expectations of Meridanos and visitors alike. Everyone is invited to join the festivities, ensuring that Carnaval 2016 will be successful and unforgettable.

Maritza, who was “Nuestra Belleza Yucatán 2013” (Miss Yucatán), is 25 years old, and is a model and TV host. Hernán, a young Yucatecan, 27 years old, is beginning his modeling and acting career, and currently appears in the national TV soap opera “Quiero Amarte” (I want to love you) on Televisa.

The child king and queen are: Ana Victoria Pinto Sáenz “Ana Victoria I”, and Wafiq Antuan Abdala-Iza Álvarez “Wafé Jackson I”. The physically impaired king and queen are: María del Sol Rodríguez Mendoza “Marisol I”, and José María Flores Yam “Chema I.  The mentally impaired king and queen are: María José Barbosa Gálvez “María José I” and Diego Hernández Vales “Diego I”. The senior king and queen are: Isabel Cristina Manzanero Fuentes “Isabel I” and Roberto Ballesteros Linares “Roberto I”.

“This will be a fiesta that includes everybody. Therefore, our mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal has announced that for the first time in the history of this Mérida celebration, box seats will be free, for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone,” concluded Abril Ferreyro.