about merida parque de las americasOnce in Mérida, you will find a 474-year-old city with much historical richness. It was founded in 1542 by Francisco de Montejo “El Mozo”, upon the remains of an ancient Maya settlement known as “T’ho”.

The city has influences from the French, including the architecture of many of the beautiful, old colonial houses with their captivating designs and structure, many of which have been restored or maintained and cared for up until today.

Mérida has streets and corners that have passed the test of time, still displaying their cultural origin. Many neighborhoods, nooks and crannies, and famous monuments are hidden away throughout the famous Centro Histórico and along Paseo de Montejo.

Today the city represents a striking dual personality, with something for every taste. While sections of Mérida have not lost the traditional touches that define it, there are also new neighborhoods in the north part of town, with modern housing, shopping, dining and nightlife.

Mérida is growing. In the 2010 census, the population stood at 830,732. Its visitors fall in love with tits ideal tropical climate, architecture, and quality of life, and often end up moving here. As a result, we have many national and international influences in every walk of life.

This beautiful capital city is known for its traditions, culture, and human quality, bringing its past and present together in an incredible way. You can enjoy wandering around the city, museums, regional entertainment, art exhibits, handcrafts, music, and the characteristic flavors of its regional, national, and international cuisine.

– Mérida City Map  
– Mérida Downtown Map 
– North of Mérida
– Paseo de Montejo
– Parque de Santa Lucía
– Mérida Central

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